Congratulations to the hardworking pupils of Eastwood Primary School who created some fabulous posters to be displayed in the Airedale Shopping Centre. The posters promote walking as a fun healthy activity for all to take part in. They can be seen by all, on the wall next to Boots.

The winners of the competition are as follows:

From class 6LC: 1st place: Sumayyah 2nd place: Hamad 3rd place: Taiba

From class 5JT: 1st place: Amirah 2nd place: Asiya 3rd place: Humayra

Winners on display!

Winners on display!

From class 5HB: 1st place: Ifzaa 2nd place: Madihah 3rd place: Sadia

From class 4MI: 1st place: Anjuma 2nd place: Samma 3rd place: Eshaa

From class 4KW: 1st place: Habiba 2nd place: Ruma 3rd place: Towheed

From class 3NW: 1st place: Malaihar 2nd place: Javairia 3rd place: Amaya

From class 2JB/2EI: 1st place: Aliysha 2nd place: Arooj 3rd place: Dawud Rahman

From class 1JR: 1st place: Zahra 2nd place: Eithan 3rd place: Shabaz

From class 1MB: 1st place: Sarah 2nd place: Nazneen 3rd place: Ali

So please when you’re next in the shopping centre come and view Eastwood Primary’s hard work!